Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Every American’ Should Spend Time with Trump.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Newsmax Tuesday that “every American should spend time” with former President Donald Trump before judging him.

“I wish every American could spend time with (Former President Donald Trump),” Jordan said during “Eric Bolling: The Balance” Tuesday. “Because when you do, you can’t help but like him. There’s an energy. There is a charisma about this guy. He loves our country, loves our law enforcement, loves our veterans, loves our troops, loves regular Americans who make the country special, and he’s willing to go fight for them and do what he said he would do. That’s what American people appreciate.”

Rep. Jim Jordan: 'Every American' Should Spend Time with Trump.

Jordan said that Trump did, what Jordan’s new book, “Do What You Said You Would do,” exemplifies by keeping campaign promises once elected to office.

“No one did that more than he did. No one accomplished more (of) what he set out to do, more than he told the voters he was going to do, than President Trump, he said. “Certainly, of any president in my lifetime, maybe in history. I share in the book, some of the stories and interactions I got to have with President Trump, and a lot of other situations on how we formed the Freedom Caucus and a whole host of things.”

Rep. Jim Jordan: 'Every American' Should Spend Time with Trump.