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Swish Hotshots Basketball Game – The object is to throw the ball basketball into a hoop to score points. The game is played out on a rectangular court and depending on which section of court you successfully throw a ball into the basket will depend on how many points are scored. Swish Hotshots is an amazing game, tap the ball to shoot, earn as many points as possible to pass the stages in a limited time.

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Survivor Shooter – Endless Adventure Game – Want to experience the zest of challenging obstacles course games? Hop on an endless adventure filled with new challenges at every step! Run and jump to earn points and kill enemies in action packed game “Survivor Shooter”. The ultimate escape adventure game! Run through the stage dodging treacherous obstacles and blast your way through all enemies! Collect power-ups to help you move through the level, round up as many coins as possible, and use the coins to unlock new playable characters!